Weightlifting Foundations

Beginner Prep Course and Assessment

Intro to Weightlifting

No Experience? No Problem!

Our Intro to Weightlifting Program is designed with the beginning lifter in mind. We offer 1 on 1 sessions with a Coach to learn from scratch, refine your technique, or improve your technique for CrossFit. Fit this program to YOUR Schedule to best get you ready to handle the Team training and programming!

Intro to Weightlifting is best for lifters with little to no experience. Contact us to Get Started and Learn more!

Weightlifting Assessment

Have a little experience with Weightlifting? Great! Spend time with a Coach 1 on 1 to get a feel for the environment and refine your technique. We want to ease you into the atmosphere and get you comfortable working with our program and schedule! It’s important for us to take the time working with you and getting you up to speed with our facility.

This Assessment is best for lifters who have some experience with Weightlifting, but have never trained with a team before. Contact us to Get Started and Learn More!


100% Focus on you

Spend time with a Coach 1 on 1 that will focus on helping you improve and learn!

Support & Guidance

Custom workout plans to fit your ability in a non-intimidating environment.


Meet with the Coach on your time and what works for your schedule.


Get ready to see massive results and learn more about the Sport of Weightlifting!

let's talk!

Chat with a coach about how Marble Weightlifting can help you achieve your goals.